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Otoso photo contest products help you to organize your modern photography contest effortlessly.
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Software that meets your demands


Our solutions for your company focus on easy configuration for your corporate identity.

Your contest can be set up within minutes - or supported by one of our trained designers.

With social media integration and direct marketing tools the impact of your contest can be optimized.

Photography Clubs

Whether it's a fully integrated software chain from hosting, upload, voting to awarding or a reliable upload platform to be used with your beloved voting system - Otoso has highly professional solutions fulfilling the high standards of national as well as international photography organisations.

Educational Organisations

Otoso actively supports educational organisations and offers special rates for schools, universities and other educational organisations.

Contact us now for a special arrangement for your next photo contest.

Reach a larger audience
with less effort

  • Using up-to-date technology our products help you to maximise the impact of your photo contest
  • Straight-forward interfaces and clear processes allow you to reach your goals efficiently
  • Using our products you can configure your contest in detail, so it fully fits your needs
  • Built with a focus on security and reliability you can be sure that your contest is well protected

The photo contest process

The seamlessly integrated software chain of Otoso products help to make the organisation of your contest hassle-free.
Our open-interface-policy, on the other hand, lets you take advantage of part of our product range while still using your usual products for the other steps.

User registration with Contesta

First you configure the contest - the Contesta admin interface makes it easy to adapt the contest to your needs.
Then your contest participants can

  • register for your contest
  • upload their photos
  • if you have participation fees, users can pay them
  • during the whole process you have a complete overview of the state of your contest in one spot - the Contesta admin backend
  • after the contest is finished you can export the contest data - now you're ready for judging!
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Judging the photos with Votesta

Using the Votesta platform you can judge the photos with a clear and straightforward judging process.

  • First you add the judges
  • then you start the voting round and judges can vote on the photos of each category
  • after the judging is done, you can distribute awards to images, participants or groups
  • finally the results are transferred to Contesta
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Results handling in Contesta

After judging is done you can use the optimized result handling process that is part of Contesta.

  • Just upload the results from your judging system, or have them automatically imported when using Votesta
  • and choose how to publish the results - you can display personalized results and publish public results statistics
  • finally, test result emails and send them out to the participants
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Proven to impress

Versatile photo contest platform

  • Innovative photo upload
  • Fully configurable
  • Internationalization
  • Highly secure
  • Automatic updates

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State-of-the-art photo judging

  • Easy photo judging
  • Time-saving
  • Optimized awarding process
  • Secure and anonymous voting
  • High resolution images

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