Professional photo contest platform

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Photo contests made easy

Contesta reduces the effort for the organisation of the whole salon - for the organizer and participants, from the registration to upload, from payment to results handling.

The highlights

Easy to use

The intuitive Contesta interface guides both organizer and user through the straight forward workflow to create and take part in your photo contest.

Control the contest

Contesta shows you all the information you need about the state of your contest and the contestants. Gain a deep understanding of your contestants - their country of origin, age and other useful information - with just one click.

Maximum freedom

The Contesta platform lets you export the contest data into several formats for different judging software.
So you can decide how to judge your contest.

Trusted hosting

The contestants' data are saved on a high-security server and will not be used for advertising or any other outside purposes. You are the only one who has full access to the contest's data.

You'll love it

Contesta makes the organisation of, and participation in a photo contest a lot easier. Professional User Experience design gives you a whole host of modern contest features, without the hassle of complicated, old-fashioned interfaces or reading through packs of manuals.

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Configure everything

Contesta lets you configure the contest in detail, so it fully fits your needs.
Straightforward interfaces, commonly used default configurations and a variety of templates make the configuration easy.

  • Change the contest design
  • Work with custom images
  • Add custom pages
  • Edit the main menu
  • Easily edit the contest dates, such as the deadline
  • Set the contest languages
  • Add and edit categories
  • Set allowed image details, such as dimensions, filetypes, filesize...
  • Configure the participation fees
  • and much more...

All the features you want, none of the hassle


Reach a wide audience

Select multiple languages for your salon
Automatic configuration for visitor's language
Automatic translation of core functions
Easy manual translation of contest details


Contest software that meets today's challenges

Strong passwords enforced
Passwords saved securely
Honeypot to lock out malicious visitors
Virus protection - only image files can be uploaded


Well-conceived upload for a great user-experience

No special naming of files needed
Image title rules configurable
Quick upload of multiple files
Uploads can be edited until submission

Constantly improving

Developing ever onward

Free updates, without installation
An Open ear for your feedback
Are you a developer? Take a look at the Contesta API

Group participation

Easy participation for more users

Easy group registration
Group admin interface
Group payment options

Print contest ready

Makes organizing print contests a lot easier

Automatic print label generation
Print labels with barcode or QR-code
Configurable print label information

More features

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  • Admin Configuration basics

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