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Photo judging made easy

Votesta is the state-of-the-art platform for judging photographs in contests with a focus on ease of use and configurability.

The highligts

This powerful judging platform lets you focus on what is important - great results


Highly flexible

Thanks to Votesta's innovative infrastructure concept you decide which devices are used.
With Votesta you can judge with ease on PCs, Laptops and even Tablets.

Votesta judging system

The judging system is where the magic happens - easy to set up, no technical skills or software installation required.

  • Judging and Administration on your device
  • Multiple voting rounds possible
  • Unlimited number of judges
  • Invitation of judges per e-mail
  • All votes anonymously collected
  • Unlimited number of awards and prices

To gather contest images and for result handling check out Contesta

The judging process

Get your judging done in just 3 easy steps

Import your pictures from Contesta and add judges.

The only thing you need is the judges' e-mail addresses. Votesta then automatically generates a login for each judge and sends it to the judge.

Now, the judging process is run - here is where the judges award points to each picture.

Additionally the judge can award special prizes to images like "Best picture of Egypt". Either information is used for the awarding step.

The resulting points are calculated for each category separately and on-the-fly.

With the summed-up results, awarding of prizes can be done automatically with the Votesta auto-award feature and then manually adjusted.

With the help of a review screen point-equalities can be solved.

...but the very first step:

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Features of Votesta

Time Saving

Focus on whats important: the pictures

The Pre-Setup system is configured in a few minutes
Intuitive awarding interface makes awarding fun
Judges have two simple steps: login and start voting
Auto-awarding suggests awards to you automatically


Judging platform up to today's challenges

Secure voting without possibility of manipulation
Secure passwords for each judge
Anonymous voting
A-Rated security according to SSL Labs test


Judging the way you need it

Multiple voting rounds for each category
Points to give configurable per round
Number of judges configurable per round
Easy configuration of different award types